Vincenzo Fesi

lips taken from, courtesy of Jay from Toulouse.

The Battle on July 30th in Stockholm was won by Daniel Heedman and Åsa Palm,
members of the dance group Harlem Hot Shots. They won 6500Kr and they received
the cash prize from Mr. Frankie Manning!

The Battle started with 13 couples with each couple paying 500kr, making the
prize for the winner 6500kr.

* Thomas & Emelie
* Pontus & Lizette
* Andreas Olsson & Hannah Sigurd
* Åsa Palm & Daniel Heedman
* Andrew Sutton & Sharon
* Frida Segerdahl & Sakarias Larsson
* Hannah Zetterman & Mattias Lundmark
* Katia &
* Leo Newman & Stephanie
* Leru & Demchenko Evgeny
* Love Westman &
* Rickard Ekstrand & Rebecka Hallberg
* Vincenzo Fesi & Isabella Gregoria


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